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RWD R419 Intelligent Animal Ventilator

RWD R419 Intelligent Animal Ventilator

Built-in dog and cat standard ventilation parameters, veterinarians only need to enter the animal’s weight, and then other parameters will be matched automatically such as respiratory rate, tidal volume, and peak airway pressure. Comes with 2 bellows to achieve different Tidal Volume value depending on animal weight. R419 has both VCV and PIPCV modes. It provides more flexible ventilation solutions for veterinarians.

Furthermore, it also has a unique APNEA mode. This mode does not interfere with the spontaneous breathing of the animal and is especially suitable for the recovery period.


Application: Operating room, Endoscopic operating room, CT room, Teaching hospital, etc.

  • Tech Specs

    Application:  Patient weight <=100kg

    Gas supply pressure:  41-87Psi

    Respiration rate:  2-60bmp(adjustable)

    Tidal volume output:  20-1500ml(adjustable)

    Inspiratory/Expiratory ratio:  1:1.1-1:4.0(adjustable)

    Peak inspiratory pressure:  5-35cmH2O

    Trigger pressure:  -9.0〜-1.0cmH2O

    Touch color screen:  5 inch, 800 × 480

    Dimension:  253mm×224mm×112mm

    Weight:  3.22kg

    Power supply:  110v-220v

  • Demo Request

    If interested, kindly reach out to us to arrange for a product demo.


    Tel: +6017 616 6139

    Fax: +603 7621 1302

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