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Esaote is a current world industry leader for medical diagnostic imaging in Ultrasound systems, MRI systems, and various info technology systems. Celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2022, it is also ranked the top 400 companies to work for in Italy as evaluated by statistica.

Ultrasound Systems

Esaote's Ultrasound Systems have been developed with more than 30 years experience, knowledge and testing. In the Veterinary industry, they are regarded highly due to their accurate and robust imaging technology, dedicated user-interface for veterinary professionals to include a wide variety of animals, and regularly updated software and features.

Our team at TransAid Solutions works very closely with our Esaote partners to improve the industry standard, bringing more value to a wide range of vet hospitals and clinics in Malaysia. 

Effective & Efficient

The current day Esaote Ultrasound machines are able to provide fast and accurate imaging diagnoses. Adding value to scans as per the below:


• CMM - M-Mode quality & cardiac examination efficiency

• TVM - wall motion analysis for myocardial function

• Zero-click EF - automatic ejection fraction computation

• XStrainTM - endocardial velocity quantification & heart deformation detection

• Smart stress-echo - complete ejection fraction reporting for cardiac segment evaluation

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Single Probe Approach

Esaote's Ultrasound single probe series approach is highly convenient and its simplicity allows for vet doctors and assistants to conduct their practices efficiently and effectively.


High Performance

Esaote's Ultrasounds machines are built with performance in-mind to produce reliable and accurate images. 

[Features may vary depending on Model] 
• 22 MHz probe with very high-res images
• microV - fast non-invasive hemodynamic evaluation with high sensitivity for lesion characterization
• Needle nhancement - valuable aid in 
interventional practice
• ElaXto - non-invasive assessment of tissue elasticity
• Fusion imaging - CT, MRI side-by-side with real-time ultrasound
• CnTITM - advanced technology for Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) imaging
• QPack - multimodality quantification tool for CnTITM,

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