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Our Services

We know imaging. It’s all we do. We have over 20 years of industry expertise and we’re known for positive, long-term relationship with our customers. We never compromise and we never take shortcuts because we’re 100% focused on making sure your business grows in helping others.

What We Offer To Our Clients

​Round The Clock Response

Our medical frontliners don’t rest, neither do we, providing prompt response and round the clock servicing to our clients whenever they need.

Our helpline is always there to attend to your concerns and issues. Same goes to our service team that is ever ready to be there when you need them most.

Top Notch Service

We offer equipment repair and maintenance services for all of our products including replacement parts and whole units, on-site repair as well as return services for optimal performance. All of our units, replacement parts are guaranteed original and our services as a whole are of the utmost quality to ensure a seamless and wholesome customer experience. 

​Renewal Service Contracts 

All devices purchased come with a complimentary warranty period which includes a complete bi-annual scheduling of machine maintenance to ensure equipment is in full operational condition.


Clients are offered an optional renewal of our service contracts to ensure equipments are well maintained for optimal use.

Online Webinar

With the new norm, we've put in place online webinars to connect our partners as well as medical field experts with our customers so that they can communicate directly in knowing how to fully utilise their devices and at the same time expanding their knowledge base in their respective area of specialty.

On-site Training

We always offer on-site training as part of the package upon purchase of devices so that our customers are well equipped to use their brand new devices.


From time to time, TransAid Solutions organizes workshop so that we're keeping our customers updated with the latest news and updates by exchanging their views and questions with like-minded professionals.

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