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Carestream - Vita Flex CR System

Carestream - Vita Flex CR System

SKU: carestrem-CR

Meet the CARESTREAM Vita Flex CR System – Big Performance for Smaller Facilities


If you’re like many small practices or clinics, you know the tremendous value that in-house digital imaging can deliver. But the high cost of entry for digital may be holding you back – not to mention the limited oor space you have for installation of such a system.


Meet the CARESTREAM Vita Flex CR System – designed specially for facilities like yours. It delivers high-quality digital images to speed work ow and improve patient care, and offers a range of throughput rates to match your work ow needs. Compact design makes it a great t for smaller spaces. And its affordable price tag makes it possible on nearly any budget.


Advantages at a Glance

  • Eliminates the need for ongoing purchases of film and the use of harsh chemicals.
  • Going digital saves hours compared to time-consuming film-based radiography.
  • Unique space-saving design allows unit to be set up vertically or horizontally.
  • Compact, lightweight and affordable – ideal for smaller facilities.



• Go digital without breaking the bank.



• Say good-bye to ongoing purchase of consumables.

• Forget the need to handle harsh chemicals.

• Now there’s no more film to process.



• Save valuable space with Vita Flex’s compact footprint.

• Cofigure it vertically or horizontally tofit the tightest spaces.

• The system transports easily for mobile imaging.



• Upgrade to superb digital images.

• Enjoy easy-to-use Image Suite acquisition software.

• Utilize powerful analysis tools in the software to improve diagnostics.



• View high-quality images in just minutes.

• Choose the throughput rate that best suits your workflow

and exam types (30, 45 or 60 PPH).



• Select from multiple cassette sizes.

• Handle all major exam types with confidence.

• Dental Panoramic Kit option allows for fast and accurate dental imaging.


FlexFit Means There Are Two Ways to Save Space.

Vita Flex’s benefits for small offices don’t end with its compact footprint. You can find the fit that’s best for you. Vita Flex fits on a tabletop, desktop, sitting on the floor or in the back of a van. You can position it in a traditional horizontal configuration, or set it up vertically if that’s a better fit for your space. Now that’s flexibility.

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