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Chison - CBit 8

Chison - CBit 8

SKU: 217537123517253

 A smart ultrasound system with versatile functions and intelligent solutions which can always meet your need.

  • An extremely slim and compact touch panel console ultrasound system, providing a tool for process optimization, simplifying clinical screening
  • Featured with comprehensive functions, the system implements elaboration, modernization and specialization in the integral whole


Comprehensive Features and Applications

  • Single Crystal Technologies
  • Wide Angle Transvaginal Probe
  • LV Tracking
  • Stress Echo
  • Quantitative Elastography
  • Auto Breast Detection
  • Smart HIP



  • Tech Specs

    • 10.1 inch HD Touch Panel
    • 19 inch HD LED Monitor
    • Innovative energy-saving light
    • Adaptive Control Panel
    • Smart Standby Mode
    • Dedicated Video Printer Space
    • Internal Battery
    • Hero Kit
  • Demo Request

    If interested, kindly reach out to us to arrange for a product demo.


    Tel: +6017 616 6139

    Fax: +603 7621 1302

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