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Chison - QBit 5

Chison - QBit 5

SKU: CH/Q7/001

QBit 5 - Redefine the console colour doppler system


Full Display Mode

  • Full-screen mode without losing image resolution


HIP Graf

  • Use a graph for hip orthotics, help the doctor to give a more easier and more accurate diagnosis during the pediatric hip scanning
  • Different angle indicate different level of hip deformity, which is more easier and obvious to see with the aid of the graph (I, II, D, IIIa, IIIb)


Auto IMT Function

  • Automatically traces the intima and measure the thickness of the intima. This allows you to measure the intimate faster, more easily and more accurately


Super Needle

  • With Super Needle, clinicians can see the needle inside tissues more clearly during medical procedures. Needle angle up to ±30˚



  • Contrast resolution can be set at 3 different levels according to the tissue difference
  • Activated by one key, Enhance, Normal, Suppress



  • An innovative harmonic technology that uses different transmission and receiving methods for different body sized patients, to maximize the resolution without losing the penetration
  • Better than traditional THI and phased harmonics which compromise the penetration



  • Compared to the traditional dual-beam, QBit uses quad-beam to receive signal, thus doubles the volume of signal received as well as the frame rate
  • Higher frame rate ensures better diagnostic confidence and efficiency



  • This adaptive colour detection technology can automatically adjust the assessment of colour signal and noise according to the different tissues
  • As a result, colour sensitivity of low-velocity flow is greatly enhanced
    • Tech Specs

      Imaging Modes & Features

      • B, 2B, 4B, B/M
      • CFM, CPA, B/BC
      • PW, CW, Colour M, TDI, ECG (Option)
      • PD, Directional PD
      • Duplex, Triplex
      • Trapezoidal Image
      • 2D Steer
      • Chroma B/M/PW
      • HIP graph
      • Full Screen
      • Super Needle (option)
      • Auto IMT (option)
      • DICOM

      Image Processing Technologies

      • Speckle Reduction Algorithm (SRA)
      • Compound Image
      • Q-image
      • Q-flow
      • X-contrast
      • Q-beam
      • FHI

      Professional Clinical Applications

      • ABD
      • OB / GYN
      • Vascular
      • MSK
      • Small Parts
      • Urology
      • Pediatric
    • Demo Request

      If interested, kindly reach out to us to arrange for a product demo.


      Tel: +6017 616 6139

      Fax: +603 7621 1302

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