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Esaote MyLab™ X8 Vet

Esaote MyLab™ X8 Vet

MyLab™X8 Platform represents an outstanding source of innovation and technology, designed to accelerate your workflow. MyLab™X8 Platform offers: an LCD monitor with the latest technology, a smart stand-by function and a fast boot time, Windows® 10 O.S., zero-click automation functions, and cutting-edge ergonomics. Also has a dedicated VET software & probe.

  • Features

    • VET-oriented workflow
    • Zero-Click EF
    • XStrain
    • Superficial tendons - Very high frequency exploration of up to 24MHz
    • Thyroid - Lesion with ElaXto
    • Liver - CPI with color Doppler
    • Carotid - Real-time measurement of the Intima Media with QIMT
    • Kidney - Tissue perfusion visualisation with microV
  • Demo Request

    If interested, kindly reach out to us to arrange for a product demo.


    Tel: +6017 616 6139

    Fax: +603 7621 1302

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