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Ecoray HF-525 Plus Vet

Ecoray HF-525 Plus Vet

SKU: ec/vet/hf525

Conventional X-Ray system

Power with quality (125kV / 320mA output)

Pedestal 4 way top floating table

Compact size

Friendly user interface

Anatomically programmed console

HF Generator supported by PSU (option)

  • Specification

    1) X-ray Generator & Hight Voltage Transformer

    - 32kW High frequency inverter x-ray generator 

    (40kW/50kW available as optional)

    -Output Frequency :200kHz

    -KV range (1kV step): 40kV-125kV

    -mA Range: 10-320mA

    -mAs Range: 0.5-500mAs

    Line Voltage (phase): 220VAC 5-/50Hz Singel Phase

    -Exposure Time Range: 0.001-6 seconds (81 steps)


    2. X-Ray Tube

    - Anode heating unit: 140 kHU standard

    (300kHU available as optional)

    -Focal spot: 1.0/2.0mm 

    (0.6/1.2mm available as optional)

    -Target Angle: 16 degree

    (12 degree available as optional)


    3. Table

    -Wide 4-way floating top bucky table

    -Size: 845mm X 1551mm

    -Height: 900mm, Longitudinal travel : 125mm, Tranverse travel: 125mm

    -SID: 1,000mm fixed


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