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RWD DS1010-10 Instrument Set

RWD DS1010-10 Instrument Set

DS1010-10 Instrument Set for Cat w/Standard Handle Elevators, 10pcs

  • Tech Specs

    Straight Tip Elevators with Standard Handle, 1mm

    Straight Tip Elevators with Standard Handle, 2mm

    Probe/Shepherd-hook Explorer with 1-10mm Marker

    Double Ended Fine Periosteal Elevator

    Resorptive Lesion Probe for Cat

    Sickle Scaler for Cat

    Curette for Small Dog or Cat

    Mini Extraction Forceps for Cat, Straight, 12.5cm

    Small Dog or Cat Right Angle Extraction Forceps, 12.5cm

    Mouth Gag – 5cm Opening

    Instrument Storage Portfolio, 32*22cm

  • Demo Request

    If interested, kindly reach out to us to arrange for a product demo.


    Tel: +6017 616 6139

    Fax: +603 7621 1302

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