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Shimadzu - EZy-Rad Pro

Shimadzu - EZy-Rad Pro

SKU: sh/ezy/rad/pro

EZy-Rad Pro, an X-ray radiography system that combines compact dimensions to allow installation in tight spaces and makes imaging possible with simple operations, has arrived.


Its innovative "one-touch guide" informs the operator of the proper exposure distance and cassette size in addition to the X-ray conditions, and thereby facilitates stress-free preparation. It offers superior image quality and ease of use that meets the demands of medical facilities.


This is Shimadzu's new standard for diagnostic X-ray imaging systems.


Key Feature Highlight

  • No Hardness, No Cold Feeling - Patient Comfort Soft Table Top
  • Functions That Incorporate Wisdom and Tenderness - Ensuring stress-free imaging by navigating radiography preparation
  • Easy Operation - User-friendly Console with 432 Easy-to-set Anatomical Programs
  • Easy Positioning via Linked Mechanism
  • Compact Size
  • Wide Transverse Coverage for Orthopedic Radiography
  • Clear Images Provide High-Quality Diagnosis
  • Inverter Provides a Small Capacity Power Source 
  • New Functions Unique to EZy-Rad Pro That Reflect Consideration of Dose Management - Assisting X-Ray dose management reference skin dose indicator
  • Linking Radiography Program With Communication Option


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