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Sonostar- Wireless Color Doppler Ultrasound

Sonostar- Wireless Color Doppler Ultrasound

The sonostar wireless probe is a handheld mini ultrasound scanner without a screen but allows Image to be view in both phone screen and tablet.


Product advantages:
-Small and easy to carry


-Waterproof design, convenient for sterilization

-Remote diagnostic convenience, capability and easy image transfer

  • Tech Spec:

    -Scanning mode: Electronic array

    -Display move: B, B/M, color, PW, PDI

    -Image adjustable: gain, focus, anti-phase pulse harmonics, noise reduction, DYN

    -Battery working time: 3 hours

    -Charging mode: USB charging or wireless charging

    -Measurements: Distance, area, circumference, angle heart rate, obstetrics

    -Weight: 278g- 420g

    -Working system: Apple iOS, Android and Windows


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