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Stainless Steel Veterinary Operating Table

Stainless Steel Veterinary Operating Table

High precision control of temperature, sturdy and durable, stable lifting, easy operation, safety protection of high temperature, easy to clean with drawable sink.

  • Specification

    Product Specification (mm):

    Dimension: LxWxH: 1400x650x760-1060

    Product Characteristics:

    1. composed of table surface, pin and stylobate, equipped with surgical instrument panel and infusion support.

    2. Table height is controlled by electril power, sink is equipped in the middle.

    3. Left side and right side of table is possible to incline-5 degree and -15 degree. The knob is operated manually.

    4. Front side and back side of table is possible to incline 45 degree, operated automatically.

    5. Table is made of 304 stainless steel, high temperature resistance, anti-corrosion and anti-acid.

    6. Table board temperature can be adjusted between 0-60 degree. Automatic thermostatic function.

    7. Built-in high temperature protector, safe and reliable.

    8. Binding artifacts are designed in two sides, simple and solid.




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